Simulator Scenario Training - Real Life Practice

Skill Level:  Basic to Advanced

Prerequisites:  None. Selection of scenarios can be tailored to individual experience levels.

Objective:  To exercise use-of-force decision-making skills and firearm fundamentals with immediate feedback and coaching from a certified Frontier Justice staff member.

Session Description:  Our state-of-the-art MILO training simulator provides hundreds of scenarios covering everything from active shooter to concealed carry situations. These scenarios are in HD 1080 full motion video, the most realistic format available and currently in use by U.S. law enforcement agencies and military units. Instructor-controlled branching options enable the trainer to determine different outcomes within the same scenario. Firearms fundamentals (both handgun and long gun) can also be trained and reinforced through graphics-based exercises and drills. Most scenarios are 1-3 minutes long, allowing for 10-20 scenarios per 30 minute training session.

Cost:$37.99 per half hour 

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