On Guard - Pistol Skills II

Skill Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Must have completed a Basic Pistol, credible CCW class or an equivalent course of training. Student should be comfortable and confident in his or her pistol-handling skills. Strong side, outside-the-waistband-only holsters are allowed. Some strong side, inside-the-waistband holsters, such as a CrossBreed-style, would be acceptable. Check with the instructor before class if you use a different holster style.

Objective: To develop more complex firearms skills needed for defensive situations.

Course Description: This class will focus primarily on range skills. Skills will be explained and demonstrated on the range by the instructor. Specifically, shooting under stress using a shot timer, standing barricade shooting, how to clear a safe exit from a structure and target-recognition drills. Rental handguns are available to participate in this class.

A .22 caliber is acceptable if that is what you normally carry as a concealed defensive firearm.

Session Length: 2 hours

Cost: $75

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