Personal Protection Inside The Home

Skill Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Must have completed a Basic Pistol, credible CCW class or equivalent training. Should be comfortable and confident in their pistol handling skills.

Objective: Develop a plan to respond to a home invasion.

Course Description: This class starts with a review of handgun safety in the home, progresses to a review of “use of force” law and standard home security procedures. The classroom portion concludes with training on how to select a safe room in your home (or an outside defensive position) and how to do a safe room drill with your family.

The live-fire portion involves intermediate shooting skills including high, low and kneeling barricades; low light shooting; how to clear a space for an exit to a safe area and target recognition drills. The student will also participate with home invasion drills and learn decision-making with scenarios on the MILO simulator.

Session Length:7 hours

Cost: $150 (includes lunch)

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