Low-Light Shooting Dynamics

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Prerequisites: Minimum age of 18 years. Participant should have a basic understanding of how to handle and shoot a handgun. 

Objective: To gain proficiency with with mounted and unmounted light systems in low-light/no-light environments.

Course Description:  This class will be conducted in a low-light environment of the Frontier Justice Range
area. Through basic principles of low-light tactics to participating in search drills, students will gain a general
overview of how to respond and/or shoot in low-light/no-light scenarios.

Learning Objectives:

  • Training your vision to low-light defensive scenarios 
  • How to choose and use the tactical flashlight
  • Understanding the differences of lighting 
  • Using handheld flashlights in conjunction with firearms 
  • Types of grips when using free hand lights 
  • Shooting with mounted weapon lights 
  • Other types of lighting 

Equipment Requirements: 

  • Center fire handgun and ammo - approximately 50 rounds 
  • Light of your choosing (mounted/unmounted) 

Search Drills: Students will take turns searching and observing inside a room. (Note: During the search students should be able to identify guns and other items including persons). 

  • Constant-on flashlight
  • Flashing and moving 
  • Painting and moving 
  • Door backlighting 
  • Strobe lights 
  • Offensive light use 
  • Laser usage

Class Includes:

  • Top-rate instruction 
  • Stat-of-the-art range facilities that include well-lit, climate-controlled lanes that are consistent 70° F; expanded sound-proofing measures; a cutting-edge ventilation system that keeps the air and surfaces clear of lead and other contaminants; and advanced retrieval systems
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios allowing one-on-one instruction at times
  • 10% discount for use the day of your class  - can be used on firearms and archery purchases, including ammunition and rentals 

Session Length: 2 hours

Cost: $75 

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