Home Firearms Safety

Skill Level:  Beginner/Basic

Prerequisites:  Minimum age of 12 years old and above

Objective:  Provides the non-shooter with the skills to safely handle, unload and store a firearm (handgun and long gun). Follows National Rifle Association guidelines.

Course Description:  This course is popular with babysitters and nannies, with no experience in handling firearms, who may inadvertently find a firearm (loaded or not) in an area where children may be located. This course will enable the caregiver to safely remove the firearm from harm’s way.

This class and a Frontier Justice First Aid/CPR class should be on every babysitter’s resume.

This is a non-shooting course. Instructor-led short videos, PowerPoint slides and hands-on experiences with real (but unloaded) firearms will accomplish the objectives.

Session Length: 2 hours

Cost: $45

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