First Shots for Parents & Kids

Skill Level: Beginner/Basic

Prerequisites: A responsible adult must accompany the child. Child must be a minimum height of 48 inches and at least eight years of age. 

Objective: To give the child (and their caregiver) an initial positive firearms experience in the safe handling and shooting of a firearm. Low recoil .22 caliber firearms can be utilized from our rental fleet ($15 rental fee) or you may bring a .22 caliber firearm to use.

Course Description: The class includes safety videos and hands-on instruction in the four firearm safety rules. Safe firearm manipulation is demonstrated and practiced. Emphasis is put on safely firing a firearm and satisfying a child’s natural curiosity about things that go ‘bang’.

If the parent is an experienced shooter, the latter half of the range time can be led by the parent under the supervision of the Range Safety Officer (RSO).

Session Length: 2 hours

Cost: $45

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