Basic Fundamentals of Firearms - Pistol Skills I

Skill Level:  Beginner/New to Firearms

Prerequisites: Curiosity and enthusiasm

Objective: To become familiar with holding and firing pistols safely and efficiently. 

Course Description:  A shooting class teaching basic fundamentals where students will learn how to handle a gun safely and how to practice at the range. Taught along National Rifle Association (NRA) guidelines, the new enthusiast will learn how to operate both a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol. This will aid in future gun selection for personal protection and concealed carry.

This is a live-fire course where students will shoot between 125-150 rounds. There will be .22 caliber pistols available for participants, which will include a $10 charge (for gun and ammunition) for use during the course. Participants may use a higher caliber if preferred, but rentals and ammo will be an additional expense. If you have your own gun, we recommend you bring it so we can instruct you on your personal firearm. Ammunition is not provided. 

Session Length: 3.5 hrs

Cost: $65
          $75 - includes gun rental

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