Armed Intruder/Active Shooter Seminar & Training

Skill Level: Open mind for Self Defense/Self Preservation

Prerequisites: Must have desire for survival in the event of an armed intrusion at work, home or during recreational activities. 

Objective: This class is designed with survival being the main objective in the event of an active shooter situation. Practical/useful options will be discussed and explored that can improve your survival chances significantly, taking into consideration multiple variables found in different environments. 

Course Description: This seminar/training will focus on what steps you should take in the event of an active shooter, should one enter your business, home or any public place. It is critical that you have thought and evaluated the environments you frequent, ahead of an event, in order to be quick in your thinking process and navigating survival under stress and duress. 

Seminar Format: Lecture, Non-shooting training 

Session Length: 2 hours

Cost: $35 for non members, $25 for members 

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