A wide variety of classes are available for everyone from beginners to the most advanced markspeople. Classes focus on safety, use and care of firearms, and fine-tuning individual skills. 

Current classes available (click for details and schedule): 

These classes educate and certify firearm owners to conceal and carry their firearms according to state requirements. Students will also receive instruction on pistol and handgun basics, including the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.

NEW! Like a Glove, Fitting a Gun to Me!

Basic Fundamentals of Firearms - Pistol Skills I 
On Guard - Pistol Skills II
Always Be Ready - Pistol Skills III
Staying Safe Within the Law - CCW
Women-Only CCW Class
Handgun Cleaning and Maintenance 

Classes will focus on the safety, use, care and respect of firearms for any new firearm owner.

First Shots for Parents & Kids
Home Firearms Safety
Beginning Pistol Skills & Drills

Classes will suit women of all skill levels. From those wanting to familiarize themselves with firearms, to women who wish to hone their tactical skills. These classes will be taught by a woman in a no-pressure, comfortable atmosphere.

Women-Only Basic Pistol Skills & Drills   
Women-Only CCW Class

Firearms safety, use and care are at the utmost importance at Frontier Justice  - especially with children. Children's classes will teach children everything they need to know to live safely in a home with a firearm.

First Shots for Parents & Kids
Home Firearms Safety

Whether you are new to firearms or are a seasoned veteran looking to improve on advanced techniques, get to the next level with a private lesson taught by our NRA-certified instructors.

Also included in your cost:

  • Top-rate instruction
  • State-of-the-art range facilities that include well-lit, advanced climate controlled lanes that stay at a

    consistent 70 degrees temperature, expanded sound-proofing measures, a cutting edge ventilation system focused on keeping the air and surfaces clear of lead and other contaminants, and state-of-the-art retrieval systems

  • 10% discount for use the day of your class  - can be used on firearms purchases, including ammunition and rentals
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios allowing one-on-one instruction at times