Training Mission Statement

Keeping in line with our Frontier Justice values of Faith, Family and Freedom, we will deliver training and expertise to help any person develop their skills and to better understand their firearm.  We will also teach you how to use your firearm safely and efficiently for fun and protection, as we support the right to bear arms.

Our Training Philosophy

We teach all ages of people, from the person who has never fired a firearm, to anyone who is looking to fine tune their skills at the range, or for self-protection.  We teach firearm safety in all phases of our training.  We insist on it, from storing the firearm to carrying and shooting the firearm.  The professionalism and friendliness of our training staff is demonstrated in every class and private lesson.  We believe that an educated firearm owner will always be safe and responsible.

No matter what your skill level or familiarity with firearms, we have the classes and instructors to meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

From CCW and basic pistol classes to private lessons to hone your tactical skills, we’re committed to helping all of our customers be responsible, educated firearm owners.

Check out our complete list of classes or our calendar of events to see which classes are coming up.