Social Media Policy

At Frontier Justice, our mission is to serve… to serve our clients by providing a unique, exceptional, and memorable experience not only at our facility, but online as well. We’re excited to engage with you in social media and help you tell your story. We all have a lot to say about firearms, fashion, faith, family and freedom, so please keep the following guidelines in mind as you communicate with us and other enthusiasts.

Don’t do anything that breaks the law.

Be kind and courteous.

Keep in mind the Golden Rule. Respect differing viewpoints from your own and keep debates healthy. Refrain from name calling, threatening, bullying, harassing, and the like. Profanity, violent or obscene language, racial discrimination, sexual harassment and other offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

Stay on topic, stay safe and don’t spam.

Keep the conversation relevant and productive to the topic at hand. For your safety, don’t post confidential or personal information about yourself or others. Content containing spam, solicitations, advertisements, endorsements or third party links is not allowed and will be removed.

Be yourself.

Postings that appear to be from fake or anonymous users will be deleted upon discovery.

Please contact us directly with customer service-related questions, concerns, complaints, additional feedback or ideas.

We strive to provide that “vintage” customer service that’s hard to find at today’s fast pace, and we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients. However, if you do experience a customer service issue, please contact us directly and not through social media. This ensures we can respond in a more timely, and personal, manner. Use our Contact form or call/email us. Posts about customer service topics to any social media sites may be removed.

Frontier Justice reserves the right to remove social media comments and content that are in violation of these guidelines. Repeated violation may result in the user’s loss of participation in our social media conversations.