Plinker System

Test your skills with our new automated target shooting system! 

Interested in a fun, new challenge on the range? Check out our new Plinker Target System featuring a reactive steel target, and laser and sensor technology. 

Plinker System Details

Ready to give it a shot? Pre-register ahead of time either on your computer or mobile device by visiting, then come in to play and compete!
Here’s how it works:

  • First, you select a game, then select a division
  • Next, you’ll load and make ready with muzzle pointed down range, and press start.
  • You must hit the “Get Results” button after each game to see how you did.
  • You must also log out when finished with the games

If you have any questions at all, please ask the Range Safety Officer for assistance. 

Range Rules 

When you’re ready to play, follow these range rules:

  • Handguns only: .22 cal – .45 ACP
  • Only Federal RTP ammo may be used on Plinker Systems
  • NO long guns allowed, including pistol caliber carbines
  • NO magnum calibers
  • NO drawing from holster allowed
  • Load magazines at the shooting bench in the lane
  • Keep muzzle pointed down range at all times
  • Press START on tablet before you pick up your firearm from the table. There will be a 5-second delay prior to the start of your game.
  • Stay under control and on target
  • Any two shots fired that strike any surface besides your paper target (ceiling, floor, target carrier, track, etc.) in any combination will result in the RSO asking you to leave for the day.
  • Due to the nature of shooting steel targets, bullet fragments may come back towards the shooter. Eye/ear protection must be worn at all times.


$1.25 per game or $35 per half-hour session (covers the range fee for 2 people) 
$10 per half-hour session for annual, lifetime and founding members

As long as there is no wait, clients may play as many games as they'd like at $1.25 each. If there is a wait, we ask that you release the lane after 30 minutes.