Firearms Range

Firearms lanes are available on a walk-in basis, no membership required, for $15/per person. Second person, same lane, is only $10 more. 

We have three 50-yard rifle lanes that are ballistically capable up to .50 caliber. This benefits those hoping to hone their rifle hunting skills, as well as their skills with optics and tactical weapons. It is the only facility in the state of Missouri with 50-yard lanes.

We have fourteen 25-yard, fixed position pistol lanes. Eight of these lanes have public viewing and six are private.

Six 25-yard lanes make up an advanced tactical bay for pistols or rifles. It is ballistically capable up to .50 caliber. A turning, programmable lighted target retrieval system with advanced movement along the line of fire is for refining tactical skills. This is a great tool for law enforcement training and those desiring to sharpen target and tactical skills.

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