STUART CLARK, Resident Gunsmith

Stuart Clark offers gunsmith services ranging from, but not limited to, general gunsmithing repairs, trigger work, drilling and tapping, threading, recoil pads, sight installations, cleanings, crowning, parts fabrication, action work, AR-15 rifle builds, bedding, 1911 work and custom work.

Stuart learned his craft at Colorado School of Trades in Lakewood, Co. After a year of intense training, Stuart moved back to Kansas City to get started on what would become a successful career of gunsmithing. With 20 years of experience, Stuart is an expert in design and function of firearms. His action work on Smith & Wesson and Ruger revolvers is exceptional, and he is known for trigger work on all types of firearms. Gun enthusiasts are hard-pressed to find someone who can complete this line of work better than Stuart.

Stuart Clark, Resident Gunsmith | Frontier Justice