Archery Range Rules
  1. All members and guests must check in and out at the range station before and after shooting. All shooters are required to read and sign a waiver and release of liability before shooting privileges are granted.
  2. No food, drink, gum or tobacco is permitted inside the range.
  3. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.
  4. Archers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  5. Safety is the number one rule to be practiced.
    • NO horseplay on the range
    • NO sky-drawing, and bows are only to be drawn at the shooting line.
  6. Nocked arrows should only be pointed in the direction of targets down range.
  7. A maximum of 5 arrows will be allowed on the firing line per round.
  8. No movement in front of the firing line until the commands "CEASE FIRE," "LINE CLEAR," and "RETRIEVE ARROWS" are given.
  9. No nocked arrows while archers are down range.
  10. Firing will commence when the commands "RANGE IS CLEAR" and "COMMENCE FIRING" are given. 
  11. Archers may not use broad heads at any time.
  12. Any 2 shots fired that strike any surface besides your paper target (ceiling, floor, etc.) in any combination, will result in the Range Safety Officer (RSO) asking you to leave for the day.
  13. Treat Frontier Justice property with respect. Theft and vandalism will be prosecuted.
  14. Check your equipment on a regular basis. If in doubt, have it checked by a professional before shooting.
  15. Be considerate of fellow shooters. No shooting across lanes, shooting other targets, distracting other archers at the shooting line, or intentionally damaging other archers’ equipment.
  16. Always practice good sportsmanship and use common sense.
  17. Frontier Justice is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal equipment used at the range.
  18. Crossbows are allowed at designated targets ONLY.
  19. The RSO reserves the right to refuse service to any patron who violates any rule or regulation.