Our Story

Mike Brown  - Chief Executive Officer 

Bren Brown -  President

Mike and Bren Brown opened the first Frontier Justice in Lee's Summit, Missouri in 2015 as a premier firearms retailer that delivers a unique faith-based and family-focused entertainment and destination retail experience, centered on the shooting sports and the authentic American lifestyle.

Mike retired early from a successful 25-year career in the banking and financial industry and Bren from a successful non-profit career that focused on women and children.  Leaving these two careers behind was a huge risk – both financially and personally – they have teenage twins and wanted to ensure that they displayed character and stewardship to their family. But they knew that the marketplace was missing the type of shooting sports retailer that appealed to women and families and they felt a calling that this was the next step in their life’s journey.

The Frontier Justice concept was developed in 2014 from a combination of Mike’s love of shooting sports and hunting and Bren’s passion for fashion and home decor as well as her realization that at traditional big box firearm retailers, the female customer was largely ignored. Bren’s observations and experiences led to their idea of merging a safe, clean and female and family-friendly environment with a traditionally male-oriented market for firearms enthusiasts.  Mike and Bren’s attention to detail, commitment to excellence in execution and true passion for what they do is what gets them out of bed every morning and drives them to not only be successful but to make a difference in the lives of their associates and clients.

Leaving two successful careers and launching a business that has been dominated for over 50 years by predominately male-owned operators is not easy, but the Browns have stayed focused to their vision from day one.  From a casual conversation about “what if we opened this type of store” to doors opening, just twelve short months passed. This is almost unheard of in a time where new retail concepts can take years of research and development before breaking ground, but this timeline is a true testament to how hard work, dedication and unwavering faith can help achieve your dreams.

With now two locations in the Kansas City metro area - Lee's Summit and Kansas City, Kansas - Frontier Justice has assembled the largest selection of unique firearms for sale in Kansas City.  They are displayed in custom pinwheel shaped cases which allow customers the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with their potential purchase.  The shooting range is one of the safest, cleanest and best-managed ranges in the entire nation and the ventilation system recirculates the air in the range environment every 90 seconds.  This system surpasses industry standards, but with Frontier Justice’s commitment to safety and family they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Frontier Justice was developed with the goal of expansion across the United States, with a geographical focus on the Midwest and Central regions. Their second location at The Legends in Kansas City, Kansas opened in November, 2017, with future development on the near horizon.