Meet Our Resident Gunsmith

Stuart Clark joins the team at Frontier Justice as its resident gunsmith. In his highly specialized post, Clark will offer services ranging in, but not limited to, general gunsmithing repairs, trigger work, drilling and tapping, threading, recoil pads, sight installations, cleanings, crowning, parts fabrication, action work, AR-15 rifle builds, bedding, 1911 work and all kinds of customer requests that require problem solving skills.

With 20 years of experience, Clark is an expert in design and function of firearms. His action work on Smith & Wesson and Ruger revolvers is exceptional, and he is known for trigger work on all types of firearms. Gun enthusiasts are hard-pressed to find someone who can complete this line of work better than Clark does.

Clark became passionate about firearms at a very young age. His grandfather started him shooting, and instantly saw his innate ability to accurately shoot anything that launched an object through the air. Clark soon started reloading his own ammunition. Since then, hunting and shooting sports have dominated his free time.

“I always knew I wanted to work with guns,” Clark said. “It’s in my DNA. I was born with a gene that gave me a knack for shooting sports.”

Along with hunting and shooting, Clark has always been fascinated with manmade machines that send projectiles through gravity – sometimes over great distances – with extreme precision for the purpose of sport, defense and sustenance. So in 1993, Clark went to Colorado to study gunsmithing and everything related at Colorado School of Trades in Lakewood, Co. After a year of intense training, Clark’s education was complete and he moved back to Kansas City to get started on what would become a successful career of gunsmithing.

In those early days of gunsmithing, Clark specialized in restoring the finish on old Winchester shotguns and lever action rifles. He enjoys jobs that are in-depth restorations because rebluing a firearm to the point where it is better than new is very rewarding work.

It’s tough for Clark to pick out a favorite type of firearm. He works on so many different kinds each and every day that he’s developed an appreciation for all sorts.

“I’m a rifle man at heart, but handguns have dominated my professional career,” Clark said. “I have a lot of respect for the AR-15 rifle, and Glock and Sig Sauer pistols.”

Clark is looking forward to working with Frontier Justice because it presents a new challenge in his already successful career. With a customer service oriented, high-class facility, Frontier Justice offers an inviting, friendly environment that will attract first-time buyers, lifelong hobbyists, and the law enforcement community. He’ll get the chance to work on a broader range of projects that involve more customization and creativity.

“Frontier Justice’s approach is the future of the retail firearms industry,” Clark said, “and I want to help accomplish that goal in any way that I can.”