Gift Cards Available for the Holiday Season!

The Holiday Season is nearing - and on its heels will be the opening of our doors here at Frontier Justice! And what better way to celebrate both than with a Frontier Justice Gift Card. Give your friends and family the chance to help write their own story. 

Good towards anything at Frontier Justice - from apparel or range time to firearms and accessories to food and beverage purchases, Frontier Justice Gift Cards give the freedom of expression to those who receive them.

Purchasing a Frontier Justice Gift Card - for any amount - is easy. Simply call 816.336.2600, extension 115. We’ll complete the transaction by phone and send the Gift Card to the location of your choice, or make it available for pickup.

Frontier Justice Gift Cards are perfect for anyone and everyone in the family:

  • No limitations or restrictions - can be used for anything at Frontier Justice
  • Available in any increment
  • No expiration date
  • Available immediately for purchase

Call 816.336.2600, extension 105 to order NOW!

December 23-24 Availability: 8am-3pm, Pickup Only!