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April 23, 2016 - How to safely store your gun

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By Ali Hoxie, 41 Action News

KSHB-TV (Kansas City,MO) - Gun experts say if you plan on buying a gun, you must have a plan to keep that gun safe. The warning comes after a 2-year-old girl shot and killed herself this week in east Kansas City.

For gun owner Tyler Cesonis, who now has a baby, finding a safe place to keep his gun is a must.

“You got to know who’s going to be in the house and around the house when you’re not home," he said. "Where is your gun at? And if you’re not home, who’s going to find it?"

"The biggest misconception is that you know your gun is safe if you hide it, and that’s where most people get into trouble,” said Scott Mosher, who is a training director at Frontier Justice.

A gun lock will provide extra safety, and can run anywhere from $9 to $15 at Frontier Justice. You can buy a lock the goes down the magwell or one with a key that stops the trigger from pulling.

Keeping your gun in a safe is also highly recommended.

“A gun sitting on a bed stand is not appropriate in any manner, but having a quick access gun safe [is better]. With this particular safe, you have a combo you can use,” said Mosher.

Safes can be as cheap as $20. The most expensive ones come with finger print technology and other features.

For gun owners, investing a few extra dollars goes a long way.

“I can’t imagine anything worse than losing a kid and having it be my fault,” said gun owner Ben Rao.