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January 5, 2016 - President Obama's gun control order draws mixed reactions in the metro

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By Mary Pulley, Fox 4 KC Reporter

WDAF-TV (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) -- Folks in the metro are reacting to the President Barack Obama's order on Tuesday. For some, the main concern isn’t with the background checks themselves, but rather the way President Obama implemented them.

The president’s order hits close to home for Dr. William “Jim” LaManno, who’s wife Terri was one of the three victims killed in the 2014 Jewish Community Center, and Village Shalom shooting attack. That’s why he supports the president’s executive order on guns, which includes closing the so-called gun show loophole at gun shows and with online sales.

LaManno feels the president’s order could have made a crucial difference that fateful day his wife Terri was gunned down.

“The gentleman used someone else to buy this weapon and if there would have been a waiting period, there’s a good possibility that all three lives would be here today,” said LaManno.

The executive order won’t likely have an impact on gun stores, that don’t deal with guns how sales like Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit. Its president, Bren Brown, doesn’t object to the now required background checks for private sale, but says she doesn’t agree with the way the president went about it.

“Our constitution is founded on laws being passed through Congress to make them happen, so when he takes it upon himself to go through an executive order, I think all Americans sort of get on the fences about, well is this constitutional?” said Brown.

She thinks it could also open the door open for other controversial executive orders.

“If you can do it within this gun law, then where’s the line? Where do you stop?” said Brown.

“If your wife was taken, you would understand where we’re coming from. No one knows what it’s like until it happens to you,” said LaManno.

He says the ages old debate about gun control is something that has polarized lawmakers to the point, that the president’s move was necessary.

“We’re not meeting in the middle, which is really what made our country great, was able to get both sides of congress and the senate together to compromise with things and that’s what made our country great,” said LaManno.

There is a gun show set for Saturday at the KCI Expo Center. It will be the first in metro to test the president’s order.

FOX 4 reached out to organizers and have not heard back as of Tuesday evening. To read more about the president’s order, click on this link.

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