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December 3, 2015 - Mass shootings cause increase in buying guns

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By Josh Marshall, KCTV 5 News Reporter

KCTV-TV (Kansas City, Mo.) - A new trend of buying guns after tragedies, whether those tragedies are in the United States or globally, is occurring at a rapid rate.

Ever since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, people including Sherry, who didn’t want to list her last name, are buying firearms for safety purposes. She shoots targets nearly every day, to be prepared.

"I'm a widow and one time I had someone banging on my door," she said. "I just felt vulnerable and now they are talking about soft targets."

Frontier Justice Co-owner Bren Brown says her business booms after a tragedy occurs.

"People do talk about events in the news and it influences when they're going to buy definitely," said Brown.

The new trend of gun-buying is reaching further than just the metro. After Newtown in December 2012, more than 2.7 million background checks were done by the FBI. That’s over a million more than December 2011 and more than any other month on record.

Following the Paris terror attacks that occurred last month, more than 2.2 million people applied to purchase a gun. That number is up approximately 400,000 from November of 2011.

Not all the people that applied are approved for purchase of a firearm.

"Either they take home the weapon that day, or they’re delayed and they come back later, or they're denied and we do not sell them that weapon," said Brown.

Buying guns to combat other people with firearms can be counter-productive for some people, but for others like Sherry, it’s a safety blanket.

"I do feel better,” said Sherry. “I think it can be a false sense of security. You do need to know what you're doing."

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