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January 5, 2016 - Gun owners uncertain about impact of Obama's planned executive order

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By Brian Johnson, KMBC 9 News Reporter

KMBC-TV (Kansas City, Mo.) - President Barack Obama outlined an executive order Tuesday aimed at reducing gun violence, a plan that raises questions among people who buy and use guns in the Kansas City area.

The president’s plans would make background checks mandatory for online gun sales and sales at gun shows. It would also tighten rules to make it harder for criminals, domestic abusers and people with mental health issues to get guns.

Every stall at the shooting range at Frontier Justice was full Tuesday and business owners said it was slower than usual. The business, which opened in 2015 in Lee’s Summit, usually has a line of people waiting to get in.

“People are increasingly becoming aware of what’s going on in the world, so firearm sales have definitely gone up,” said Allie Gossage, who checks people in at the range.

Headlines of shootings and terrorist attacks seem to drive sales up. Holiday sales also bring more people to the range.

Mike Everts of Sibley said he recently got his wife to come with him to the range for the first time and bought her a box of bullets and now she’s hooked.

“By the end of the second box, we came back out here and she ended up buying herself a concealed-carry pistol and is going to take the class here in the next month or so,” Everts said.

Frontier Justice said every time the president talks about guns, sales increase.

Customers told KMBC 9 News that they don’t mind the idea of background checks, but they question Obama’s use of executive power and worry about their rights.

A possible reduction in gun show sales could mean an increase for stores like Frontier Justice.

“Shooting is not just a life skill, where we are talking about defense, and all the things happening in the world, but it’s also a recreational sport,” said Frontier Justice President Bren Brown. “People come in here and have a lot of fun.”

The owners said they’re already planning a second store.

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