Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do I need a membership to shoot on the range? 
No, you do not. Non-members may use our range for a fee of $15.00 for 1 shooter and $25.00 for 2 shooters (per lane). This is for unlimited time unless there is a wait for lanes. If a wait list builds, you may be asked to release the lane after one hour, but may return to another lane if one becomes available that same day. 

2. Do I need prior shooting experience to shoot on the range? 
No, you do not. We have Range Safety Officers available to help out first time shooters and keep everyone in the range safe. 

3. What calibers can I shoot on the range? 
Anything up to a .50 caliber is permitted.

4. Are there calibers that aren't allowed on the range? 
Anything faster than 4,000 feet per second is prohibited. 

5. What are the blue mats outside the range doors for? 
These are sticky mats to collect any lead that you may have on the bottom of your shoes. 

6. Can I collect my brass?
You are welcome to collect all of your brass behind the firing line. No brass beyond the firing line may be collected. 

7. Can I use my own ammo? 
You may use your own ammunition as long as it meets our range requirements. It must be all brass ammunition; No aluminum cased, steel cased, steel core, steel shot, tracer or armor piercing ammunition is allowed.  No muzzle-loaders or black powder.  Only slugs are allowed for Shot Guns - no birdshot or buckshot is allowed. 

8. How many people are allowed on a lane? 
A maximum of 2 people are allowed per lane. 

9. What do I need to bring with me to shoot on the range? 
Guests must have at least 1 ID (ex. Drivers License, Military ID) per lane to use the range. Guests will also need eye protection, ear protection and at least one target, all of which are available to borrow or purchase from Range Check-In. Closed-toed shoes are required, but booties are available for guests who only have open-toed shoes. 

10. Can I carry my firearm in Frontier Justice? 
Yes, you may, but it must be holstered or in a case at all times in the store. If you do not have a case, we have "loaner" cases that you may use on a stand at the front door. 

11. Can my child shoot on the range with me? 
Children 8 years and older AND at least 48 inches tall may shoot on the range as long as they have a parent or guardian with them. 

12. Can I get private instruction with my firearm? 
Yes, you may. Private lessons are $75.00 per hour and may be scheduled ahead of time by phone or email. In Missouri please call 816-336-2600 x1124 and in Kansas call 913-215-9177 x1303

13. Can I reserve a lane ahead of time? 
Only members may reserve a lane ahead of time. 

14. I was on the wait list for an hour when someone who was in line after me got a lane before me. Why would that happen? 
One of our membership benefits is priority on the wait list. This means that if the range is full and we are on a wait list, members will get on the range before non-members. 

15. Can I use my prescription glasses as my eye protection? 
Yes, you may. 

16. Who can I have on my family membership package? 
Anyone can be added to a family membership as long as they are 18 years or older and are able to shoot on the range by themselves. Families may have up to 4 members on their account. 

17. May I buy a firearm as a gift for my spouse
When purchasing a firearm as a gift, we will put the exact amount of the firearm (tax included) on a gift card and the recipient may come into our store and purchase the firearm themselves with their gift card. 

18. Why are you open on Sunday when you are a Christian company?

When Frontier Justice first opened, we were closed on Sundays.  However, we heard from many of our friends and family that Sunday was their only day to patronize our store given that Saturday was consumed with sports, chores, etc.  To accommodate our customers, without compromising our Christian values, we have opted to open at noon on Sundays (after most churches dismiss) and close at 6 p.m. so our staff can enjoy an evening of rest with their families.